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It's time to level up to a Web 3.0 School

What is Motiverse?

Incentive    rewards programme

Be a school of the future today. Become a Web 3.0 school by gamifying the learning journey with the learn to earn programme. Students earn coins for achieving desired behaviours like submitting homework, achieving a specific score in a test, volunteering or participating in extra-curricula activities. The desired behaviour can be anything you wish your students to do or achieve. ​Coins can be exchanged for NFTs in the NFT shop. 

Incentive rewards programme

World's first

Web 3.0 school

The learn to earn model is the world's first NFT incentive rewards programme built for schools by schools. Be one of the first Web 3.0 schools today.


HOW    does it work?

How it works

Teachers think about how they want their students to earn coins, i.e. what is the desired behaviour?

Teachers encourage students to earn coins.